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A few notes....

CPR Roster Website History : Wilco van Schoonhoven started the CPR Diesel Roster Website at the beginning of the new millennium for us all to enjoy. After doing it for 20 years he retired and gave premition for Shiny Script to put it up so people could keep on enjoying it. We all have to give him a specail THANK YOU for his hard work and great website.

Goal : To be the most comprehensive and informative roster type archive covering CPR diesel locomotives from the first diesel unit until the newest ones.

General : The locomotives pictures are sorted by number series. On the individual pages for each unit you'll find the builder, year in which the unit was (re)built, serial number, paint scheme as shown on the photo, photographer of that photo, and special notes on dispositions, modifications, etc. When more than one photo is available, there is a chronological listing of photos, again with location, paint scheme, and photographer.

Contributing : Your photos are welcome to be added to the archive. However, they have to meet a few requirements. Minimum size should be 800 pixels wide. Preferrable are sharp, clean photos taken by yourself, showing the entire unit, front uncoupled, broadside, or at about a 45 degree angle. Rear and roof shots are also accepted on a limited basis. For modern day units, images should not be badly backlit, cropped or otherwise obstructed by poles, fences etc. This does not fully apply to older units, as there is no chance of photographing them again.

Crops of action photos are not accepted; an exception is made for vintage photos. Labelled photos are preferred, but they can also be labelled for you. A date, location and/or photographer should be provided with the picture.

Don’t bother sending pictures that are not taken by you, or were scanned from a copyrighted book, or (scanned/downloaded) photos forwarded from another website, without the permission to do so from the copyright owner. Photos from a slide collection are accepted as long as you can provide the name of the original photographer.

If you feel to contribute to the website, please contact me first before sending photos. The email adress is found on the main roster page. Beyond photo contributing, updated written info on a specific unit is also appreciated (i.e. retirement dates, date of being repainted, etc. etc.).

Wanted : Most wanted are pictures of units that are long gone off the roster. Also wanted are rear end shots, shots of oddball paint schemes, photos of fresh repaints, wreck photos, and photos of former CP units now operating for leasing companies and other railways. Faded, yellowed and/or aged material will be considered for inclusion if they depict rare or historically significant events or subjects.

Please take note of the above and enjoy browsing.


If you have any comments or questions regarding this Motive Power archive, don't hesitate to contact us at Contact@AllScaleRails.com.